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McKay and Kaylyn: Community-Based

McKay has been a consistent role model for her Little Kaylyn for over three years. She participates beyond her duties as a Big and even helps out with her Little’s sport banquets! Playing basketball might not be one of McKay’s favorite things, but she makes sure to incorporate it into their activities together because she knows it’s important to Kaylyn. McKay, Kaylyn, and Kaylyn’s mom, Kara, have all become like family. They even helped McKay celebrate when she got married recently. McKay is fantastic at motivating her Little and has made a large impact on her life.

Ayva and Tristan: School-Based

Tristan has been committed to helping Ayva learn and grown since the moment they matched in January 2022. Tristan shows up weekly to Ayva’s school and takes different activities to help her learn. Tristan is also helping Ayva improve her reading skills by utilizing our Read to Succeed program.  

Ayva wants to be a police officer when she grows up and Tristan is a Pennsylvania State Trooper! 

On Match Meeting Day, Ayva announced to every person she saw before her Big Sister arrived that, “I’m getting a Big Sister today!” After Tristan arrived, Ayva then announced to everyone who passed by, “This is my new Big Sister!”

Tom and Trey: Big Futures

Tom is a very active and committed Big, always being consistent with weekly to bi-weekly activities since his start match date of June 2012. Tom and Trey are always doing something fun; creating memories that will last forever. They celebrate birthdays and holidays together and even go to sports games. Tom once drove Trey out of state to see his favorite team. Tom said his Little has become his best friend and he plans to be matched with him “forever.” Trey’s mother couldn’t be happier about the match and said that Tom is the best thing that has ever happened to Trey.

Jeanie and Gianna: Community-Based

Matched since March of 2017, Jeanette has always been there for her Little Sister, Gianna, always having her best interest at heart. She takes her role very seriously, showing persistence and accountability in Gianna’s life, and always communicating with her mentoring coordinator about how her match is doing. With a great sense for knowing how to talk and
connect with Gianna, Jeanette has created a truly special bond that has impacted Gianna in the best way. Fostering lasting impact and empowerment in her Little. Their relationship became so strong that the match decided to transition from School-Based to the Community-Based program so that they can see each other whenever they want.

orlando and dave: school-Based

Big Brother Dave and Little Brother Orlando have been matched since November of 2018 through our school-based mentoring program in Greensburg Salem School District. Thanks to Dave, Orlando has found a love for reading and will often surprise Dave with the new books he is reading.  Already having such a strong relationship when the Covid-19 crisis hit, Dave was able to support Orlando through virtual mentoring, often tutoring him for hours each week, creating his own lesson plans, and even a new gym class each week. Dave has even been known to drop off a homemade pie to Orlando’s family.

“My favorite memory with Dave is when we went to Twin Lakes. We got to hang out and work together to carve a pumpkin.” ~ Orlando

rachel and gabby: community-based

Meet Big Sister Rachel and Little Sister Gabby! They have been matched since June of 2020, and have a bond like no other. When together, their favorite activities include making arts and crafts at local shops, visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, and seeing theater performances. Their favorite show to see thus far was The Wizard of Oz at Heinz Field, performed by the Pittsburgh CLO. Recently, they have started to volunteer together at events for children and send cards and candy to troops over the holidays.  
While Little Sister Gabby has faced unexpected tragedy and other hardships, Big Sister Rachel has been with her every step of the way, and both agree that this has been an amazing experience!