Applying is simple. the results are big.

All volunteers are required to attend a virtual or in-person info session to learn more about BBBSLR and our programs before being accepted as a volunteer. Virtual information sessions occur bi-montly, but can also be scheduled at your convenience! Attending the information session does not mean you have to become a volunteer ― it is simply a way for you to learn more about the volunteer process and what it’s like to be matched with a child! Check out the calendar below and sign up for a virtual info session today!

After attending an information session, volunteers will be sent an email with the “next steps” of the enrollment process including all necessary background checks, references, and a virtual or in-person office interview.

(Community-Based Only)

Once the volunteer has completed the necessary enrollment items, an Enrollment Specialist will visit the volunteer’s home to complete a final assessment.

Our Enrollment Specialist is not worried if your laundry is put away or if your sink is full of dishes — we just want to make sure your home is safe for a child to potentially visit!

After completing the enrollment process, your file will be reviewed for approval.

If approved, you will be matched with a child based on shared interests, proximity, and preferences. An Enrollment Specialist will reach out to you when a potential match is found!


School Based

Volunteers will meet with their Little once a week for 30-45 minutes at the child’s elementary school during the child’s lunchtime or free period at the end of the day.

Community Based

Volunteers will meet with their Little twice a month for a few hours at a time. They will spend time doing things they both enjoy — going to the park, playing sports, making arts and crafts, or having dinner with your family!


Whether you are simply interested in learning more about being a Big, or you already know that you want to take the next step, an info session is for you!

Upcoming info sessions:

Tuesday, April 19th @ 12:30pm 

Wednesday, May 4th @ 6pm 

Fill out the form below and a zoom link will be sent to you. (Or inquire about scheduling another.)

Or inquire about another day/time.